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All Saints Church of England Aided Infants School

Learning with Love and Laughter

This is the day the Lord has made – we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

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All Saints Church of England Aided Infants School

Learning with Love and Laughter

This is the day the Lord has made – we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Meet our Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section.


Please find below the Annual Statement of Governance, which includes details of our Governors including their names, categories, responsibilities, terms of appointment and meeting attendance.


All Saints Infants School Governing Body meeting minutes are available for viewing on request, please contact Lorraine Doyle (Clerk to Governors):-

Annual Statement of Governance 2021/2022


The full Governing Body of All Saints Infants School (ASIS) met six times during the 2020/21 academic year, once per half term. Due to the pandemic, all of these meetings were held virtually.  At the start of the year, the Governing Body decided to dispense with the School Matters Committee which previously had focused on the management of the school’s budget, and decision-making regarding school premises matters. Instead, it was decided that all such matters should be covered in full Governing Body meetings and therefore the requirements for reporting to the local authority on the budget was an important consideration in scheduling these governing body meetings.


The Governing Body is responsible for setting the strategy of the school and monitoring its implementation. It is supported in this regard by a Strategy Committee, which also met a number of times during the year, primarily to oversee the development of a new service level agreement covering the headteacher services provided to ASIS by Anthem Trust, the employer of the Joint Head for ASIS and All Saints Junior School. This work culminated in the signing of a new agreement between ASIS and the Trust at the start of the 2021/22 academic year.


The Governing Body is also supported by an Admissions Committee, which is responsible for the development of the school’s admissions policy, ensuring that it is legal and compliant with the expectations of the Diocese of Oxford, and ensuring that the policy is applied accurately and consistently. Following a legally compliant consultation process, the Governing Body approved changes to the admission policy for 2022/23.


Governors expect that the school will promote and deliver the highest possible standards of provision for pupils in terms of safeguarding, curriculum, health and safety and environment. Governors are responsible for the conduct of the school in all areas.  All Governors are involved in setting and monitoring the school's vision, aims and policies and may be involved in hearing appeals or grievances.


Key roles of the Governing Body:

  • To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school
  • To hold the school’s senior leadership to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the efficient and effective performance management of staff
  • To oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent
  • To secure, develop and maintain the Christian character of the school throughout all areas of its work.


Strategic Aims of the Governing Body

  • To continue to insist on the highest possible standards of education and learning for the school and its pupils and in the process achieve an Ofsted rating of ‘outstanding’
  • To consider and determine the school’s vision and strategic direction with particular consideration given to:
  • The long term sustainability of the school in terms of budget, staffing, admissions and performance and the identification and mitigation of risks in these areas
  • The ability of the school to achieve the goals established in the School Improvement Plan
  • The ability of the school to maintain the highest standards of provision for pupils in terms of safeguarding, curriculum, health and safety and environment
  • The preservation of the school’s status as a church school and its relationship with All Saints Church and the Oxford Diocese
  • Effective management of the implications of there being one Headteacher across All Saints Infants and All Saints Junior school
  • Effective sharing of staff and resources between the All Saints schools
  • Greater integration of families and pupils


Effectiveness of the Governing Body

We are continuously striving to maintain the highest standards within the Governing Body. We undertake an annual evaluation of our effectiveness and a skills audit. Each Governor has a designated link role and is responsible for matters relating to that role. We are aware of the skills that each Governor brings to the school and those areas in which we are short. We seek external advice and guidance to help in these areas, including the engagement of Associate Governors to provide specific skills and expertise, and as far as possible we seek to recruit Governors with appropriate skills and expertise to fill our vacancies. We ensure that governors have ongoing access to relevant training and development activities in order to maximise their effectiveness as a governor and the effectiveness of the governing body as a whole.


Meet the Governors 




Appointed by

Term of Office (no. of years & end date


Susannah Daniel








Steve Daniels


Diocese Foundation






Chair of Governors

Admissions Committee Chair


Emma Tytel


LA Governor




Vice Chair of Governors

Wellbeing Link Governor

Strategy Committee Chair

Sarah Charlton

Diocese Foundation





Finance Link Governor

Rev. Jo Williams





Disadvantaged Children Link Governor

Karen Turner

P.C.C Foundation




Safeguarding Governor 


Catherine O'Donnell

Parent Governor




Curriculum Link Governor
Kathleen WatheyStaff GovernorStaff 405/01/27Assistant Headteacher 

Levine Whitham

Diocese Foundation 




Premises and Health and Safety Link Governor
Jenna LynchP.C.C Foundation P.C.C48/3/27 


Please note - All members of the governing body are also members of the Strategy Committee and Admissions Committee.

Associate Members 


Name of Associate GovernorAssociate Governor RoleDate of commencement of roleReview Date
Mischa Tytel

Strategy advisor

Strategy committee member

21 Sept 202220 Sept 2024


Previous Governors (last 12 months) 


Name of GovernorCategory

Term of Office

start date

Date of resignation
Cathy WalterPCC Foundation13/11/202030/09/2022
Carl SkeatsParent Governor 19/10/202120/01/2023
Suzie CarterPCC Foundation10/03/202217/10/2022


Business Interests 


Name of GovernorBusiness Interests
Cathy Walter

Assistant Director of Education, Girls Day School Trust (Jan 2021) 

PCC member All Saints Church (Jan 2021)

Suzie Carter None declared 
Carl SkeatsNone declared


Governor Business and Parochial Interests 


Governor name

Name of interest business or parochial including: -

  • Governor elsewhere
  • Related/Married to staff member
  • Employed at school

Start date of interest

Date of cessation of interest

Date of last review

(Reviewed every academic year)

Susannah Daniel


January 2015


7 Nov 2022

Stephen Daniels

None declared



7 Sept 2022

Emma Tytel

Employed by Reading Borough Council 


Married to Governor at All Saints Junior School and the Wren School



January 2019



23 Nov 2022

Sarah Charlton

None Declared



12 Dec 2022

Rev. Jo Williams

Vicar at All Saints Church


Governor at St Mary and All Saints Primary School

December 2016


December 2016


21 Sept 2022



Karen Turner

Employed as casual admin support as All saints Infant School

September 2021


1 Sept 2022

Catherine O'DonnellNone DeclaredN/A 21 Oct 2022
Levine Whitham None declared N/A 15 Nov 2022
Kathleen WatheyAssistant Headteacher   17 Jan 2023
Mischa Tytel (Associate Member)

Governor at All Saints Junior School

Governor at The Wren School

Voluntary Bushcraft and outdoor learning teacher at ASIS and ASJS

February 2019

June 2019

February 2019

 Nov 2021
Jenna Lynch None declared N/A  24 May 2023